Having used different 'physios', I started being treated by Emma in 2002. I get regular treatments during competition and heavy training periods to ensure I stay healthy and prevent injury.

If I do crash or get injured Emma is the first person I call and she has helped me stay healthy and successful for many years now - I highly recommend her.

Tom Tunstall - British Superbike Rider

Anna was 11 years old and she injured her wrist on the uneven bars at gymnastics. The injury meant that she had to withdraw from the club championships which she was very disappointed to have to do.

Anna saw Emma at Hornsea and she identified that she had dislocated her wrist. Emma put Anna at ease quickly and was able to manipulate it back into place. Emma continued to work on Anna's wrist and gave her exercises to do at home. Anna was able to return to gymnastics and worked hard to rebuild the strength in her wrist. She competed in competitions later in the year and won a gold medal on floor and a bronze medal on the vault at the recent club championships.

"Due to the treatment that Emma provided I have returned to competitive gymnastics and won a number of medals in the past year. Thank you Emma for helping me to be able to continue with my gymnastics.

Joanne Brady - mother of gymnast Anna Brady

Rob's sport is wild water kayaking, which involves racing against the clock down fast flowing rivers. It's a mixture of canoe slalom, flatwater sprinting and wild water rafting all rolled into one. The disciple is run over either a sprint course of up to 1000m or a classic course which can last between 8 to 25 minutes.

Rob has been competing since he was 11 years old and during one such race on the River Washburn, near Harrogate in early 2008 he injured his shoulder. Initially we thought nothing of it, but over the next few weeks leading up to the junior GB selection races it became clear there was a problem. On recommendation we took Rob to visit Emma Kirke, who quickly diagnosed a torn pectoral mussel and advised him to stop racing so she could treat it. However Rob had just been selected to represent the GB development squad at the pre world championships in Switzerland in 6 weeks time and rest was the last thing on his mind.

Emma set about a program of intensive treatment to repair the damage' as best she could' and get him in a fit state to race in Switzerland. He had to limit his training and visit Emma regally to give him self any chance of making the trip. After 6 weeks of treatment including the Saturday lunch time on the day of the flight to Switzerland Rob was in a fit state to compete, although under Emma's orders he was still not allowed to do a full training session.

The Championships went well and after ten days in Switzerland Rob returned to Emma to repair the damage form the trip and work out a recovery program. He took the next 8 weeks off racing and training and with Emma's skilled help was fully fit to return to full training by October of 2008.

Rob spent the winter of 2008 -9 training and racing and in the spring of 2009 was selected for the full GB junior squad for the World Championships in Switzerland at the tender age of 16. Thanks to Emma's hard work during 2008 there has been on reoccurrence of the injury and her help and advice has been invaluable in keeping Rob injury free since. He finished the 2009 domestic session rank no 2 in GB at U18 and is currently training for the Junior World Championships in the Czech Republic in July 2011, which will be his final year as a junior.

Thanks to Emma for all her hard work and skill.

David Jefferies - father of Robert Jefferies - Pennine Canoe Club & Great Britain

My upper back and neck has felt much looser and has been recovering better post match ever since I started having treatment with Emma. It is good insight for the physios to get Emma in, if we can have varied treatments available, we can cover more bases with injuries.

Jamie Peacock - Great Britain Captain and Leeds Rhinos Prop Forward

The first time Em gave me some treatment I was very sceptical as I have had neck problems for 18months now. I have had 3 MRI scans and a couple of local injections which didn't make much difference.

Em gave me a treatment to my upper back and neck which was different to any treatment I had had up to that point. My neck felt instantly better and I haven't had much recurrence of the problem. Em is coming in regularly so I know that if it recurs I can get a treatment and sort it out again.

Matt Diskin - Leeds Rhinos Hooker

Back home we get Emma's type of treatment regularly. Most of our clubs Have physios and Osteos. So you kind of get used to having both available. I like the style of treatment and when I'm fit I like to get treatment to keep my body in alignment. I haven't seen Emma since I injured my knee but hope to before the Challenge Cup Final.

Greg Eastwood - Leeds Rhinos Second Row Forward and International appearances for New Zealand

In our game we our continuously impacting our necks and upper bodies. Our physio and a couple of the players had said that Miss Kirke was very good at sorting out neck problems.

When she was in one week I was really cheeky and although I didn't have an appointment, I challenged her to prove that she was the neck guru that everyone was saying she was. I wasn't disappointed and regularly get treatment with Miss Kirke now.

Kevin Sinfield - Leeds Rhinos Loose Forward with Great Britain international appearances

Emma does manipulations similarly to those back home. I have had treatment with Emma since she started to do some work with our med staff. I try to get her to work on everything and do a holistic treatment but sometimes time is restricted with our training schedules so I have to pin point which areas are more needy than others.

Danny Buderas - Leeds Rhinos Hooker and International appearances for Australia

I thought it was a bit strange when Emma started to look at my spine and pelvis as my problem was in my calf. I had been struggling with a recurring calf tear. She was thorough and explained that my posture was having a bad effect on the tension in the calf muscle. She gave me some treatment and explained how I needed to change my posture. I am back playing now and although I'm still wary of the calf I'm trying to make all the changes that Emma suggested. I think that's tougher than any training on the pitch!!!

Ali Lauitiiti - Leeds Rhinos Second Row Forward

I have had people try to manipulate my neck before and never been able to do it. I'm naturally strong and muscle bulks up quickly on me.

My neck and shoulders are pretty solid. Emma has managed to manipulate my upper back and neck which it has felt like it needed for some time. Although when I first asked her to give it a go she laughed and said I had no neck what did I expect!!

Kylie Leuluai - Leeds Rhinos Prop Forward and international appearances

I have had recurring problems with my lower back and have now undergone a series of operations and injections. I am pretty nervous about people messing with my back in case it starts it off again. I was having some upper back and neck trouble so warily decided to give it a go with some serious encouragement and ribbing from Kylie and the boys. It actually helped that Emma has also had serious back damage and she knew exactly what it is like! She has also had some treatment with Martin Speight so she knew what that was all about. I felt like she knew where I was coming from so I felt more at ease with the treatment. I got no problem with it now and it does help.

Brent Webb - Leeds Rhinos Full Back and international appearances for New Zealand

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